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Totara Configuration, Plugins & Integrations

The success of Totara is due in large part to the ability to extend, integrate, and develop the system with minimal effort, which makes it easy to customise and use to meet the needs of your business. Totara is highly configurable, customizable, and comes with the tools that your Learning and Development teams need to train staff and your extended enterprise community.

Featuring an extendable open-core API, Totara is ready to be integrated alongside your other business tools and processes. Totara and the wider community have produced plugins to integrate with hundreds of other industry-leading systems, including CRMs including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, and communications tools such as Microsoft Teams, Watch and Learn, and Zoom.

By integrating Totara with your current HR or CRM system, staff and extended enterprise user accounts in Totara can be synchronized with appropriate permissions and job roles. Single-Sign-On (SSO) with all standard protocols is supported, including via platforms such as Office 365 and Google Apps, using technologies including OAuth, SAML, OpenID, LDAP, Okta, and more.

Custom Totara Integrations For Your Business

As Totara Platinum partners since 2011, we work alongside our customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their needs and produce solutions that are tailored to their unique requirements.

With our teams of developers, consultants, solutions architects, and project managers, we can develop custom plugins and integrations for Totara specific to your organization. In addition to simple reports and Totara customisations, we also offer fully customised one-off solutions, using technologies such as Angular and Symfony, that companies can use to power their training websites and field force training programs.

Typical Totara LMS Integrations and Plugins

We have created bespoke CMS solutions for some of the world’s largest companies, including Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies, using Totara as its engine.

Single-Sign-On can be configured with all industry standard protocols, making deployment as seamless as possible.

Using Totara, you can manage your existing customer relationships by integrating your CRM. This will allow you to assign training specific to your extended enterprise.

Totara’s integration with Stripe, PayPal, and other payment gateways allows you to sell training courses to your extended enterprise network.

Communication & Media Tools
The Totara platform supports Microsoft Teams and Zoom out-of-the-box, and is also integrated with tools such as Watch and Learn, Panopto, Vimeo, and YouTube.

Why choose Webanywhere?

Company Experience

We work with Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies to ensure their LMS is setup and works exactly the way they need. We have been a Totara partner since 2011 and we earned Totara Platinum Partner status in recognition of the work we have done with our clients.

Our Team

Having worked on numerous LMS projects, our consultants, solutions architects, project managers and developers regularly undergo certification training from Totara to ensure our knowledge remains accurate, allowing us to recommend the best solutions to you.

Truly Bespoke Solutions

A comprehensive project team will support the development and deployment of your new LMS, working with you and your team to understand your unique goals and transforming these into solutions and code to delivery exactly what you need.