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Learning and development are the driving forces of an organisation’s growth. Companies strive to instil organic learning into the day-to-day operations of their workforce through eLearning and learning management systems.

Digital learning through an LMS helps companies create and deliver training material across different media to their employees. It upskills the employees as well as builds a positive culture of learning in the organisation.

However, traditional LMS often struggle to keep up with the demands of fast-paced digital learning. You need flexible, agile, platforms such as Totara Learn that mould to fit the unique needs of your organisation as well as your learners’.

What is Totara Learn? — The Perfect Solution To Upskill Your Workforce

Trusted by more than 19 million learners worldwide, Totara Learn LMS is a flexible Learning Management System that is highly customizable. It can be tailored to the unique needs of your employees, organization and extended enterprise.

Totara Learn can fulfil all your business eLearning needs, from onboarding, internal training, CPD, and regulatory compliance, to meet the training needs of your partners, and end-users of your products and services.

Webanywhere is proud to be a platinum Totara partner. We have been working with Totara since 2011. Our customers include multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 businesses, working across many different industry sectors, all with unique requirements and eLearning goals.

Features of Totara Learn

Totara Learn by Webanywhere is helping businesses transform the way they train with its efficient and effective features:

User interface

Totara Learn is available on a multitude of devices and it carries the same UI across all of them, only moulded to fit them for better usage. It is highly responsive. The visual elements of the framework can be worked on and reworked without compromise.

Adaptive learning

The platform is intuitive in nature, allowing you to create custom learning pathways for every employee group based on their unique needs, learning capabilities, and performances.

Adaptive framework

 Overhaul your complete framework of learning with our Totara LMS. Create courses and certifications with a range of interactive options to enable the correct curriculum planning.

Position hierarchy

You get the option to track specific competencies and filter reports by organizational and positional hierarchies. This enables you to find reports more conveniently.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

Create training sessions that are completely automated or instructor-led. You may also create sessions that are hybrids of both methods. Additional features include manager approval booking, attendance tracking, and self-service.

Unified learning

Capture the learning patterns of employees and manage professional development to optimize their performance in a unified way.

Customised learning plans

Our platform creates learning plans for every learner based on their jobs, roles they perform, their competency, learning skills, and how they perform on regular tests. You can give more attention to the needs of every learner and create solutions that truly cater to them.

Flexible reporting

With personalized dashboards, completion tracking, and custom graphical reporting, it becomes easier to evaluate how a learner performs. These reports help you calculate the steps needed to improve their learning experience.

Sophisticated assessment engine

Our sophisticated assessment engine allows you to track the scores and completion rates of learners. You can also create assessments for them from preexisting question banks for more ease.

Proactive administration

Totara LMS by Webanywhere makes administrative processes more proactive by allowing you to integrate with other systems such as CRM, HR, compliance, and data. It creates a streamlined workflow, optimizing it in the process.

Advantages of Totara Learning Solutions

Totara LMS by Webanywhere helps you get ahead of employee training and development in every way. You don’t need to install any hefty software. Simply access it through a web browser, mobile, or tablet, and so can your team, making it profoundly simple to use.

The flexibility of open source saves you the ongoing costs of license fees or third-party reliances. Its simple UI can be easily used by both you and your team. And the blend of multimedia training encourages a unified learning culture in the organisation.

Webanywhere provides advanced reporting and analytics to help you manage performance with flexible appraisals. Continuous appraisal of an employee helps remove recency bias and gives a more complete view of an employee’s abilities.

Totara Learn Case Studies

Webanywhere has over 20 years experience providing of web-based learning platforms, bespoke content, phone apps and online resources. We are at the forefront of learning technology development and have helped over 3,500 organiszations in a wide variety of sectors reach their e-learning goals.

Zara eLearning Case Study


Webanywhere delivered a new social video platform to Inditex, one of the world’s largest fashion retail groups.

University College London Hospitals eLearning Case Study

University College London Hospitals LMS

We delivered an easy-to-use, multi-functional healthcare learning platform for UCLH.

Superdrug eLearning Case Study

Superdrug LMS

The multi-tenancy solution implemented allowed us to host several clients on the LMS.

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