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Within your organization, staff have always assisted each other with peer-to-peer learning, and that is one of the main ways knowledge is transferred. Since this knowledge was traditionally shared off the radar, managers were unable to fully understand and monitor the impact of ad-hoc learning.

Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) enable social learning between peers within your organization. They are used alongside a traditional LMS to augment the formal learning required for a job role and compliance, with informal learning which give staff more knowledge in their role and can give more context around the topic at hand.

Having a LXP can also be an excellent way of preserving knowledge within a team. It is common for knowledge about resources to be lost as staff move on from their key roles. Your teams will be better able to upskill themselves and any new teammates by keeping records of these resources within your LXP.

By using Comments and Likes on content shared, LXPs facilitate social learning in addition to simply sharing resources. You can then foster a discussion around learning, where peers can share additional resources and knowledge, which helps the whole team perform at its best.

Why Webanywhere?

Webanywhere have been a Totara partner since 2011, and we hold the top-level Platinum Partner status. We have helped Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 businesses to deploy elearning solutions in order to get the best productivity from their teams.

Totara Engage LXP Features

Team Cohesion

You will build a culture of learning by involving all members of the team rather than relying solely on subject matter experts.

Continual Learning

As learning within an LXP is informally led, staff are prompted to be continually learning as appropriate for their role and skillset.

Recommendations Engine

Totara Perform uses the information about the materials you have interacted with within your Totara to recommend other content which you may find interesting.

Bitesize Learning

Resources within an LXP are typically a single shared resource so can be accessed by learners when it is necessary for them, with typical resources only taking a few minutes to consume.


Learners can curate groups of resources into a Playlist of related items. Thiese can be shared and worked through by the rest of the team.

Access Controls

For topics within your LXP which are of a more sensitive or confidential nature, Totara Engage features access controls. The topic can be made available to everyone within the organization or locked down to member enrollment based on a set of criteria. Private groups can even be hidden from search results if required.