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LMS for Medical Devices industry

The field of Medical device technology is constantly evolving. To stay ahead of these changes it is essential for hospitals to train their staff and partners regularly in order to consistently improve patient care and outcomes.

After completing their education and on-the-job training, medical professionals never stop learning. It is essential to stay current on changes in compliance regulations, healthcare procedures, and advanced technologies in order to succeed in their careers.

A well-implemented healthcare LMS is designed to help hospitals effectively schedule training, track the progress of learners, improve the overall learning experience, and reduce costs. The major advantage of using an LMS for healthcare is that it effectively supports collaboration, convenience, and compliance.

Medical industry staff are always busy and it sometimes becomes difficult and almost impossible to get a group to attend training together in the same room. With a well-established LMS like Webanywhere, which comprises the Totara Learn LMS and the Engage Learning Experience Platform, you can now ensure that core knowledge is learned following a prescriptive course structure, and ad-hoc learning can take place just in time via a mobile device using the mobile-responsive site.

Why Webanywhere?

Flexible to your needs

Webanywhere is completely scalable and adaptable to your training needs, which means you can now create learning solutions of a varied range depending on the topic at hand as well as the learning capabilities of your team.


Webanywhere provides a unified and consistent learning experience across the enterprise. You can now perform all learning tasks under one roof – from training your resellers and partners to assessing learning and managing professional development.

Built-in reporting

Access all your medical data and reports from one central location to stay updated with all compliance and regulatory requirements.


Irrespective of whether you are a medium or large corporation, Webanywhere offers you personalized branding for all your modules and curriculums.

If that isn’t enough, with the Webanywhere LMS, you can take your learning experience to a whole new level:

Intuitive and responsive

Maximize learner engagement with the help of our intuitive UI, perfect for staff members who are yet learning to adapt to newer technologies.

Content development

Create medical training content from scratch or revamp existing material and deliver it to your team in consumable pieces.

System integration

Integrate Webanywhere with any of your existing HR systems and CRM with absolute ease.

Customer support

Contact our excellent customer support and fix up any issues that arise to ensure a smooth flow of regular training.


Incorporate gaming elements, such as leaderboards, rewards, and badges, into everyday situations to make learning engaging.

What do we offer?

Different types of medical training

Create tailor-made medical training courses. Cover everything from medical procedures to device handling all on one platform.


Simplify complicated medical processes through automation. It helps reduce cost, saves you time, and integrates crucial medical training in day-to-day patient care in a natural way.

Simple user interface

Our mobile-savvy user interface makes navigation a piece of cake. Moreover, a single-page application saves you from annoying page reloads.

Reports for everything

Analyse employees’ performance, identify learning curves, and help them proactively improve on them with our set of robust reporting tools.


Receive customised certification that helps you establish your credibility in the healthcare industry.

Success Stories

to browse through our case studies in the healthcare sector to understand how we helped them achieve their unique goals.