Gamification for Employee Engagement

Gamification is an eLearning technique to reward staff for progressing their learning. Using gaming techniques in learning management systems increases learner retention, improves course completion rates, and boosts employee performance.

Adding gamification to a learning environment is primarily about setting learning challenges and rewarding the completion of these challenges. This is achieved by making adaptive course content to challenge learners, and by utilising leaderboards, building interactive courses with quizzes, and by issuing badges and certificates as proof of learning. 

At Webanywhere, our gamification expertise has helped hundreds of businesses to reach their staff learning goals. Our goal is to understand your unique requirements so we can guide you on how to utilise gamification effectively within your organisation.

Gamification Techniques


Quizzes are the most common form of gamification used within Totara. In most courses it is appropriate to test your learners after they have completed critical stages of a course. The quiz results can then help assure that learning was successful, and can also identify areas where additional learner support is needed.


Within Totara, certificates can be issued upon completion of a defined set of courses, recognizing that the learner has acquired the necessary knowledge. As part of your organization’s extended enterprise, certificates can be used to verify the knowledge status of your partners and resellers. It is possible to brand certificates and set them to expire for courses that require annual recertification, such as compliance training.

Open Badges

Totara supports the issuing of Open Badges when certain criteria are met, this could include course completion or other criteria such as Totar Audience participation. Totara supports the Open Badge 2.0 spec, which allows learners to store all badges earned into a third party ‘passport’ which they can use as an ongoing proof of learning they have completed.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is an advanced gamification technique that adapts elearning content to the skill level of the employee in order to keep them engaged. Using this approach, you can include a quiz at the start of your course, and then conditionally show or hide other content based on the quiz results.


Leaderboards showcase the top achieving learners across a particular activity or course and are especially useful for displaying the top grades for quizzes, assignments and SCORM activities. They help create a competitive spirit among course participants.