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Totara Perform

Ensure your people are at their best with a flexible performance management platform.

Performance management needs are different within all organizations. With Totara Perform, employers and employees can gain a deeper understanding of skillsets by embedding performance management as an integral part of business processes.

With Totara Perform, your organization can cultivate continuous improvement through employee appraisals and development in a way that suits your organization. With Totara Perform, employees can receive appraisals, check-ins, 360-degree feedback, and track their skills using Competencies and supporting frameworks.


Totara Perform has been utilized by some of the world’s largest companies to modernize performance management and improve the engagement of their workforce. Webanywhere are a Totara Platinum Partner and we would love to assist your organization to modernize your performance management approach.

Why choose Totara Perform?

Totara Perform is the perfect software to manage employee performance to reach your employee training goals with ease. Totara’s comprehensive platform revolutionises training and development through:

Cross-System Integration

As Totara Perform integrates seamlessly with Totara Learn and Totara Engage, as well as your HR tools, you can make better connections between performance management and training.

Efficient Oversight of Performance

With Totara Perform’s engaging reporting, you can quickly find out who is doing well and who needs extra support.

Bespoke Performance Workflows

With Totara Perform’s performance review workflow builder, you can create processes that suit your organization’s management style.


Using employee Competencies, you can effortlessly monitor skills gaps and opportunities for development.

270 and 360 Degree Feedback

You can develop a more accurate picture of your team’s performance by conducting peer-to-peer feedback than by relying exclusively on self-appraisals.