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LMS Software For Health And Safety Training To Ensure The Best Workplace Standards

The cost of workplace injuries amounted to $167.0 billion in 2021.

No matter how big or small your company is, health and safety training is a crucial aspect to maintain the smooth functioning of operations. It becomes especially important in the light of the gigantic losses that come in the form of workplace mishaps.

A learning management system can help you manage H&S training in your organization, allowing you to save time and reduce costs by automating the process. Training your team LMS health and safety training will empower them to perform their jobs more in a safe environment.

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What is health and safety training?

Health and safety training is designed to ensure that employees within an organization do not pose a risk to themselves or others while on the job. It focuses on minimizing associated risks in the workplace.

This training encompasses a range of programs to foster a culture of safe and effective work practices. H&S training equips employees with the necessary knowledge and skills to execute their duties safely, thereby preventing accidents and ensuring a secure working environment.

How can a LMS help with health and safety training?

A LMS can play a critical role in a company’s H&S training. It can take care of everything from creating training courses to automating them and integrating them into the workflow of an employee’s day-to-day job roles.

A LMS like Skills Anywhere already operates on your existing LMS, improving its performance and extending its shelf life. Add health and safety to it to reduce costs and effortlessly train your employees in one of the most important aspects of running a company.

Why choose Webanywhere?

Webanywhere is the LMS software for health and safety training you need to reach your H&S training goals with ease. Our pro-mobile user interface makes it accessible to all and our unique teaching approach educates employees on the go.

Simple user interface

Our LMS boasts a sleek, responsive design compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Its customizable themes allow for a fully branded LMS experience, explicitly catering to health and safety training needs.


With Totara’s LMS, managing health and safety training becomes effortless. It automates critical processes like tracking employee certifications and recertifications, significantly simplifying your training management.


Our system records and evaluates learning outcomes, manages professional development, and improves learner engagement in health and safety contexts. The intuitive admin interface offers easy integration with CRM, HR systems, and other external tools, enhancing your overall LMS experience.


Our robust reporting capabilities enable efficient auditing of training activities. You can easily monitor employee progress, course completions, quiz results, and more, providing managers and team leaders with crucial insights for better decision-making.


Using Totara Audiences, we ensure your employees receive relevant and timely health and safety training, reducing administrative burden. Our multi-tenancy feature allows different departments within your organization to standardize and share training materials, maintaining uniformity across all sectors.

What our health & safety LMS offers?

Our Health & Safety Training LMS delivers a comprehensive solution, including customized design, development, system integration, secure hosting, expert consultancy, specialized training for health and safety, and superior after-sales support.

Custom development

We excel in developing custom LMS solutions tailored for health and safety training needs. This allows you to create bespoke learning paths on a reliable, user-friendly platform specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of health and safety training.

Mobile-first design

Our health & safety LMS is crafted with a mobile-first approach, ensuring a responsive user experience that enhances learner engagement. It provides learners convenient access to complete training modules, whether at home, in the office, or on the move.

Content development

We offer specialized content creation services to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your health and safety training programs.

Managed Hosting Options

Our managed hosting solutions promise 99.9% uptime, enabling you to focus on efficiently supporting your learners without worrying about system reliability.

Consultancy and training

We understand the importance of up-to-date health and safety training. We offer ongoing consultancy training and after-sales support to keep pace with evolving training requirements in health and safety.

Ongoing Customer Support

Our commitment to our clients extends well beyond the delivery of our solution. Our team of LMS experts is always available to provide effective solutions and support for any challenges, discussions, or updates in training requirements.

Success Stories

to view our case studies to understand how we’ve helped businesses improve their health & safety training with a custom LMS solution.

Health & Safety LMS FAQ

Get your LMS software for health and safety training

Skills Anywhere is an LMS that offers health and safety training to help you build a workforce of robust, well-trained employees. 

Train them in industry-related safety practices and help them play their role in the growth and improvement of your company. You may request a demo with us to understand how we can help you achieve your H&S goals better. A video tour should help you understand the procedure in detail. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.